Wonderful Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has too often been perceived as a theology to be observed rather than a person to be embraced. In Wonderful Holy Spirit, Korey Golbienko will discuss how you can walk in intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit and experience the reality of Jesus' presence and power.
Are you hungry and thirsty for the outpouring of God's Spirit in your life? Do you desire relationship over religion? Do you long to be used by God for the Kingdom? If so, then this book is for you!

This is Eternal Life

This is Eternal Life takes you on a journey of discovering how you can begin experiencing Heaven on earth today. You will learn how to receive Eternal Life and how to give those around you a taste of its reality. From page to page, you will be captivated by the simplicity of the Gospel and the extravagant love God has for you and the world. Most of all, you will come to know and experience what it means to have Eternal Life.

Healing in the Finished Work of Christ

Jesus didn’t die just to deliver people from sin, but to deliver them from sickness as well. Healing in the Finished Work of Christ is a biblical guide to understanding healing being provided for through Christ’s finished work on the cross. As you read these pages, expect your faith to be stirred and to encounter Christ your Healer.